NAS Network Port Profile (Filesystems, Clause 15)

See SNIA SMI-S File Systems book, Clause 15, for more details.

Warning  At the time of writing, there was a CTP issue regarding network ports when a subsystem supports both iSCSI and NAS. Contact SNIA for workarounds.



Must be associated to the top-level ComputerSystem through a CIM_HostedAccessPoint association and associated to the CIM_NetworkPort through a CIM_DeviceSAPImplementation association.

Property Notes
SystemName Required.
Name Required.
NameFormat Required.
OperationalStatus Required.
Description Required.
ProtocolIFType Required. Must be set to one of the following values:
  • NFS (4200)
  • CIFS (4201)



The IPProtocolEndpoint must be associated to the TCPProtocolEndpoint through a CIM_BindsTo association and to ComputerSystem through a CIM_HostedAccessPoint association. Also associated to an optional instance of SNIA_IPInterfaceSettingData through a CIM_ElementSettingData association.

Property Notes
HealthState Optional.
IPv4Address Required.
IPv6Address Required.
OperationalStatus Required.
SubnetMask Required.



The TCPProtocolEndpoint must be associated to a CIM_ProtocolEndpoint through a CIM_BindsTo association.

Property Notes
OperationalStatus Required.
PortNumber Required.



Property Notes
ElementName Required.
OperationalStatus Required.
SystemName Required.
PermanentAddress Required.





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