Replication Services Profile (Block Devices, Clause 26)

If implemented, the storage service will use Replication Services. Support for Replication Services also requires support for the Copy Services Subprofile. It is important to keep state information synchronized across the two methods.


Must be associated to the top-level ComputerSystem through a CIM_HostedService association. Jobs are supported and are expected to be used for any operation taking more than about 10 seconds.

CreateElementReplica method

Parameter Notes
ElementName Required. An element name may be specified for the replica volume. If not specified, the provider creates one as appropriate. This must be settable and the method must not complete until the ElementName has been assigned to the replica.
Mode If the value is null, the storage service does not specify a mode. It is up to the provider to choose an appropriate mode for the operation. Since the service does not support synchronized copies, asynchronous is the best default.
SourceElement Required.
SyncType Required. Will be set to one of the following values:
  • Snapshot (7)
  • Clone (8)
TargetPool Optional. If a target pool is not specified, the provider must select an appropriate one for the copy operation. If a pool is specified but it is not appropriate for the operation, the provider should return an error with an appropriate description of the problem.
WaitForCopyState Required. Will be set to the following value: Synchronized (4)

The storage service always sets the copy state to Synchronized. This means that the replica is ready for use when the method completes. The provider may set this even if the copy operation continues as long as the volume is writeable.


ModifyReplicaSynchronization method

Property Notes
Operation Required for clones. Will be set to the following value: Detach (8)

When a cloning operation completes, the storage service will detach the replica from the source.



Must be associated to the top-level ComputerSystem through a CIM_ElementCapabilities association.

Property Notes
SupportedReplicationTypes Required. Array must contain the following values:
  • Synchronous Snapshot Local (6)
  • Asynchronous Snapshot Local (7)
  • Synchronous Clone Local (10)
  • Asynchronous Clone Local (11)

Typically Asynchronous methods are sufficient. Mirrors are not currently supported.

SupportedStorageObjects Required. Must include the following value: StorageVolume (2)




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