Maintenance method of the MSFT_PhysicalDisk class

Allows a user to perform certain maintenance tasks on the physical disk while it is part of a concrete pool.


UInt32 Maintenance(
  [in]  Boolean EnableIndication,
  [out] String  ExtendedStatus


EnableIndication [in]

If TRUE, this instructs the physical disk to enable its indication LED. The indication LED should remain enabled until a second call to Maintenance is made with this parameter specified as FALSE.

This parameter is required and cannot be NULL.

ExtendedStatus [out]

A string that contains an embedded MSFT_StorageExtendedStatus object.

This parameter allows the storage provider to return extended (implementation-specific) error information.

Return value

Success (0)

Not Supported (1)

Unspecified Error (2)

Timeout (3)

Failed (4)

Invalid Parameter (5)

Access denied (40001)

There are not enough resources to complete the operation. (40002)

Cannot connect to the storage provider. (46000)

The storage provider cannot connect to the storage subsystem. (46001)

The storage pool could not complete the operation because its health or operational status does not permit it. (48006)

The storage pool could not complete the operation because its configuration is read-only. (48007)


Minimum supported client
Windows 8 [desktop apps only]
Minimum supported server
Windows Server 2012 [desktop apps only]

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