NewByThirdParty method of the PS_VpnConnection class

Adds a Third Party VPN connection to the Connection Manager phone book.


uint32 NewByThirdParty(
  [in]  string                  Name,
  [in]  string                  ServerAddress,
  [in]  boolean                 RememberCredential,
  [in]  boolean                 SplitTunneling,
  [in]  boolean                 PassThru,
  [in]  boolean                 Force,
  [in]  VpnServerAddress        ServerList[],
  [in]  string                  DnsSuffix,
  [in]  uint32                  IdleDisconnectSeconds,
  [in]  string                  PlugInApplicationID,
  [in]  string                  CustomConfiguration,
  [out] ThirdPartyVpnConnection cmdletOutput


Name [in]

The name of the third-party VPN connection profile to be created.

ServerAddress [in]

The address of the remote VPN server that the client connects to. This address is a URL, a friendly name, an IPv4 address, or an IPv6 address. This should be one of the elements of ServerList.

RememberCredential [in]

True to store in the cache the credentials that are supplied for the first successful connection; otherwise, false.

SplitTunneling [in]

True to enable split tunneling for the VPN connection profile; otherwise, false.

PassThru [in]

True to return the ThirdPartyVpnConnection object that contains the VPN configuration settings; otherwise, false.

Force [in]

True to force supplying the preshared key value over an insecure channel if L2TP is used; otherwise, false.

ServerList [in]

The list of VPN servers that the VPN client can connect to.

DnsSuffix [in]

The DNS suffix of the VPN connection.

IdleDisconnectSeconds [in]

The amount of idle time after which a connection is terminated. A value of 0 disables the time-out.

PlugInApplicationID [in]

The identifier of the third party VPN application.

CustomConfiguration [in]

A custom configuration used by third party VPN profiles.

cmdletOutput [out]

When this method returns, contains the ThirdPartyVpnConnection object.


Minimum supported client
Windows 8.1
Minimum supported server
Windows Server 2012

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