CMM Transform Creation Flags

CMMs use transform creation flags as hints for how to create a color transform. It is up to the CMM to determine how best to use these flags.

All of the functions that use these flags pass or receive flag values through a parameter called dwFlags. The high-order WORD of dwFlags should be set to a value from the following table.

Constant Description
ENABLE_GAMUT_CHECKING Use this transform for gamut checking.
USE_RELATIVE_COLORIMETRIC Do not preserve the white point. If the output gamut does not support a given color, use the nearest supported color. See Rendering Intents.
FAST_TRANSLATE Look up color only. Do not interpolate the color.
PRESERVEBLACK Inserts the appropriate black generation GMMP as the last GMMP in the transform sequence
WCS_ALWAYS Use the WCS code path even for ICC transforms.
SEQUENTIAL_TRANSFORM Transform creation flag for creating a sequential (non-optimized) color transform.


The low-order WORD can have one of the following constant values.

Constant Description
PROOF_MODE Transform will be used to preview the image. Low image quality.
NORMAL_MODE Transform will be used for normal image display. Average image quality.
BEST_MODE Transform will be used for the display of the highest-quality image possible on the target device.


Moving from PROOF_MODE to BEST_MODE, output quality generally improves and transform speed declines.

Basic Color Management Concepts

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