Windows Contacts Reference

New applications should not use this set of interfaces. These interfaces exist for backward compatibility with legacy applications. These interfaces will be unavailable in the future.

The following topics provide reference information about the Windows Contacts API, using the C++ programming language and Component Object Model (COM):


IContactDo not use. Defines methods for reading and writing properties for a single contact.
IContactCollectionDo not use. Enumerates the contacts known by the IContactManager.
IContactManagerDo not use. Used for retrieving a contact, based on a contact ID string.
IContactPropertiesDo not use. Used to retrieve, set, create, and remove properties on an IContact. Property names and extension mechanisms are described in icontactproperties.h.
IContactPropertyCollectionDo not use. Used to filter contact data, based on a label or property set. Enumerates contact properties exposed with an IContactProperties object. For each property, the name, type, version, and modification date can be retrieved.


ContactDo not use. The Contact object implements the IContact interface. It represents reading and writing properties for a single contact.
ContactManagerDo not use. The ContactManager object implements the IContactManager interface. It represents interactions with contacts that have contact ID strings.