KeyHandlerKey Enumeration

Contains the keys that can be registered for KeyHandler handling.

Member name Value
A The A key.
Add The add key.
Any Any key.
B The B key.
Backslash The \ (backslash) key.
Backspace The BACKSPACE key.
C The C key.
CapsLock The CAPS LOCK key.
CloseBrace The ] (close brace) key.
Comma The , (comma) key.
Control The CTRL modifier key.
D The D key.
D0 The 0 key.
D1 The 1 key.
D2 The 2 key.
D3 The 3 key.
D4 The 4 key.
D5 The 5 key.
D6 The 6 key.
D7 The 7 key.
D8 The 8 key.
D9 The 9 key.
Delete The DELETE key.
Divide The divide key.
Down The DOWN ARROW key.
E The E key.
End The END key.
Enter The ENTER key.
Equals The equals key.
Escape The ESC key.
F The F key.
F1 The F1 key.
F10 The F10 key.
F11 The F11 key.
F12 The F12 key.
F13 The F13 key.
F14 The F14 key.
F15 The F15 key.
F16 The F16 key.
F17 The F17 key.
F18 The F18 key.
F19 The F19 key.
F2 The F2 key.
F20 The F20 key.
F21 The F21 key.
F22 The F22 key.
F23 The F23 key.
F24 The F24 key.
F3 The F3 key.
F4 The F4 key.
F5 The F5 key.
F6 The F6 key.
F7 The F7 key.
F8 The F8 key.
F9 The F9 key.
G The G key.
H The H key.
Home The HOME key.
I The I key.
Insert The INSERT key.
J The J key.
K The K key.
L The L key.
Left The LEFT ARROW key.
M The M key.
Multiply The multiply key.
N The N key.
None No key pressed.
NumLock The NUM LOCK key.
NumPad0 The 0 key on the numeric keypad.
NumPad1 The 1 key on the numeric keypad.
NumPad2 The 2 key on the numeric keypad.
NumPad3 The 3 key on the numeric keypad.
NumPad4 The 4 key on the numeric keypad.
NumPad5 The 5 key on the numeric keypad.
NumPad6 The 6 key on the numeric keypad.
NumPad7 The 7 key on the numeric keypad.
NumPad8 The 8 key on the numeric keypad.
NumPad9 The 9 key on the numeric keypad.
O The O key.
OpenBrace The [ (open brace) key.
P The P key.
PageDown The PAGE DOWN key.
PageUp The PAGE UP key.
Period The . (period) key.
Pipe The | (pipe) key.
PrintScreen The PRINT SCREEN key.
Q The Q key.
QuestionMark The ? (question mark) key.
Quotes The " (quotes) key.
R The R key.
Right The RIGHT ARROW key.
S The S key.
Semicolon The ; (semicolon) key.
Shift The SHIFT modifier key.
Space The SPACEBAR key.
Subtract The subtract key.
T The T key.
Tilde The ~ (tilde) key.
U The U key.
Underscore The _ (underscore) key.
Up The UP ARROW key.
V The V key.
W The W key.
X The X key.
Y The Y key.
Z The Z key.


Platform: Windows Vista Ultimate, Windows Vista Home Premium, and later

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