Sample Explorer

Sample Explorer is a tool that allows you to browse the individual sample files (MCML and C#) that are included with the Windows Media Center SDK. Using Sample Explorer, you can view the code and run the sample. The Sample Explorer is available as a stand-alone application and as a Windows Media Center application.

Stand-Alone Application

The stand-alone version, available on the Windows Start menu, lets you view, copy, and paste the code and markup into your own projects. Double-clicking an individual sample launches it within the Preview Tool. Or, if the sample requires Windows Media Center functionality or a web server, or if you have selected Options>Always Use Windows Media Center in Sample Explorer, the sample is launched within Windows Media Center.

The Sample Explorer (stand-alone application)

Windows Media Center Application

The Windows Media Center version of Sample Explorer is implemented as a real-world Windows Media Center application, complete with remote control interactivity, and is available from the Extras Library. Using this version of Sample Explorer, you can run each of the samples within Windows Media Center, although you cannot view the source code.

The Sample Explorer (Windows Media Center application)

Modifying the Samples

The stand-alone version of Sample Explorer loads the individual samples from [WMCSDK_InstallPath]\Samples\Sampler. The Windows Media Center version of Sample Explorer loads samples from an assembly that was compiled from the original sample files.

Athough you can type over the code that is displayed in the stand-alone Sample Explorer, any changes you make are not used or saved. If you want to modify the sample files, you can use a text editor to modify the code and markup (although we recommend that you create a backup of the sample files first). Any changes to the individual sample files are not reflected in the assembly, so use the stand-alone Sample Explorer (or, more directly, the Preview Tool) to view and run your modified files.

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