Application Types

There are three types of Windows Media Center application:

  • A local application consists of an installed managed-code assembly and related files. As a locally-installed application, it has access to all computer resources.
  • A web application uses MCML delivered using the HTTP protocol over the Internet to display rich client UI on the local PC without requiring installation of local files or assemblies. Windows Media Center provides an environment in which the MCML can be hosted and provides full access to Windows Media Center API methods and properties and a subset of Microsoft .NET Framework types to support common scenarios of web-delivered experiences. A Windows Media Center web application has no access to local computer resources.
  • A background application has no user interface, launches soon after Windows Media Center is started, and continues to run until it closes on its own or is forced to close by Windows Media Center. A Windows Media Center background application can run continuously and transcend individual Windows Media Center experiences and features.

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