Retrieving Playback Information

You can retrieve additional information about the currently-playing media, such as:

  • Buffering progress. Use the MediaTransport.BufferingProgress property to retrieve a value that indicates the buffering progress as a percentage. For example, when streaming large videos, you can provide feedback to end users informing them of the buffering progress.
  • Play state. Use the MediaTransport.PlayState property to determine the playback state. For example, you can find out whether the current item is playing, stopped, buffering, paused, or finished.
  • Play rate. Use the MediaTransport.PlayRate to determine the current rate and direction of playback. For example, find out if the item is being fast-forwarded at high speed.
  • Position. Use the MediaTransport.Position to determine the current position in the media stream.

For more information, see the samples in the the Sample Explorer.

Sample Explorer

  • MediaExperience > MediaTransport

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