MessengerService object

[MessengerService is no longer available for use as of Windows Vista. See Windows Messenger for more information.]

Do not use. The MessengerService object corresponds to the IMessengerService interface. This object represents a single service.


MSMSGS.EXE implements this object.

A MessengerService object is not intended to be created separately through CoCreateInstance or other Component Object Model (COM) object instantiation techniques. Client implementers should access existing MessengerService objects only after creating the Messenger object. After this object is created, a MessengerService object can be referenced through one of the following:

  • Calling the Item method on the MessengerService object representing the service list.
  • Various DMessengerEvents events that return MessengerService object references.

MessengerService objects will continue to exist after they are removed from the contact list programmatically or through user action until they are released. In most cases, a MessengerService object that is no longer in the service list should be released. All objects should be released as part of a cleanup or shutdown routine.

Interfaces Implemented



Minimum supported client
Windows XP [desktop apps only]
Minimum supported server
Windows Server 2003 [desktop apps only]
End of client support
Windows XP
End of server support
Windows Server 2003
Messenger 4.5