Windows Sync Overview

These topics provide an overview of how Windows Sync fits into the new synchronization architecture in Windows 7. Other topics discuss building a custom synchronization provider and registering a synchronization provider with Windows so that it can participate in Windows Device Stage, a new Windows 7 experience for portable device users.

To learn how to create a synchronization provider that works well with Windows 7 and the device synchronization experience, see the document titled "Writing a Synchronization Provider for Windows Device Stage Synchronization" in the Portable Devices section of the Microsoft Device Experience Development Kit. You can download this kit from the Windows Hardware Developer Central Web site.

Topic Description
Windows Synchronization Architecture Discusses how Windows Sync fits into the Windows 7 synchronization architecture, and how to use Windows Sync to write synchronization providers.
Options for Building a Synchronization Provider Discusses building simple and custom synchronization providers in Windows 7.
Overview of Building a Synchronization Provider Describes how to build a synchronization provider.
Overview of Registering a Synchronization Provider Describes how to register a synchronization provider.


Windows Sync