BackupDirectory.GetStarterGpoBackup Method (Guid)


Retrieves the Starter Group Policy object (GPO) backup with the specified backup ID (GUID).

Namespace:   Microsoft.GroupPolicy
Assembly:  Microsoft.GroupPolicy.Management (in Microsoft.GroupPolicy.Management.dll)


public StarterGpoBackup GetStarterGpoBackup(
    Guid backupId
StarterGpoBackup^ GetStarterGpoBackup(
    Guid backupId
member GetStarterGpoBackup : 
        backupId:Guid -> StarterGpoBackup
Public Function GetStarterGpoBackup (
    backupId As Guid
) As StarterGpoBackup


  • backupId
    Type: System.Guid

    The backup ID (GUID) of the Starter GPO backup.

Return Value

Type: Microsoft.GroupPolicy.StarterGpoBackup

Returns StarterGpoBackup. The Starter GPO backup.


The backup ID is the ID of the backed-up Starter GPO (the value of the StarterGpoBackup.Id property), not the ID of the Starter GPO from which the backup was created (the StarterGpoBackup.StarterGpoId property).

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