NewStarterGpoCommand.Name Property


Gets and sets the value of the Name parameter of the New-GPStarterGpo cmdlet.

Namespace:   Microsoft.GroupPolicy.Commands
Assembly:  Microsoft.GroupPolicy.Commands (in Microsoft.GroupPolicy.Commands.dll)


[ParameterAttribute(Mandatory = true, Position = 0)]
[AliasAttribute(new string[] { ... })]
public string Name { get; set; }
[ParameterAttribute(Mandatory = true, Position = 0)]
[AliasAttribute(new array<String^>^ { ... })]
property String^ Name {
    String^ get();
    void set(String^ value);
[<ParameterAttribute(Mandatory = true, Position = 0)>]
[<AliasAttribute([| ... |])>]
member Name : string with get, set
<ParameterAttribute(Mandatory := True, Position := 0)>
<AliasAttribute(New String() { ... })>
Public Property Name As String

Property Value

Type: System.String

Returns String.


This topic is included in this SDK for completeness only.For more information about this cmdlet, see New-GPStarterGpo in the Microsoft TechNet library.

For Help at the command line, type:

get-help new-gpstartergpo

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