RegistryPolicy.WriteListOfValues Method (RegistryHive, String, String, String[], RegistryValueKind, Boolean)


Writes a list of registry-based policy settings that configure String or ExpandString registry values. The registry values are specified by a value prefix and an array of value data; additive can be optionally specified.

Namespace:   Microsoft.GroupPolicy
Assembly:  Microsoft.GroupPolicy.Management (in Microsoft.GroupPolicy.Management.dll)


public void WriteListOfValues(
    RegistryHive hive,
    string keyPath,
    string valuePrefix,
    string[] values,
    RegistryValueKind type,
    bool additive
void WriteListOfValues(
    RegistryHive hive,
    String^ keyPath,
    String^ valuePrefix,
    array<String^>^ values,
    RegistryValueKind type,
    bool additive
member WriteListOfValues : 
        hive:RegistryHive *
        keyPath:string *
        valuePrefix:string *
        values:string[] *
        type:RegistryValueKind *
        additive:bool -> unit
Public Sub WriteListOfValues (
    hive As RegistryHive,
    keyPath As String,
    valuePrefix As String,
    values As String(),
    type As RegistryValueKind,
    additive As Boolean


  • valuePrefix
    Type: System.String

    A string that specifies the value name prefix for the registry values. For example, if “MyValue” is specified, registry-based policy settings are created for the following value names: “MyValue1”, “MyValue2”, “MyValue3”, and so on depending on the length of the array that is specified for the values parameter.

  • values
    Type: System.String[]

    An array of strings that contains the value data.


Exception Condition

The RegistryPolicy is disposed.


The RegistryPolicy instance is read-only.


keyPath is null


values is null


keyPath is an empty string (“”)


values is an empty string (“”)


hive is not CurrentUser or LocalMachine


type is not ExpandString or String

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