CimSession.GetClassAsync Method (String, String, CimOperationOptions)


Asynchronous method that gets a CimClass object based on a specific class name.

Namespace:   Microsoft.Management.Infrastructure
Assembly:  Microsoft.Management.Infrastructure (in Microsoft.Management.Infrastructure.dll)


public CimAsyncResult<CimClass> GetClassAsync(
    string namespaceName,
    string className,
    CimOperationOptions options
CimAsyncResult<CimClass^>^ GetClassAsync(
    String^ namespaceName,
    String^ className,
    CimOperationOptions^ options
member GetClassAsync : 
        namespaceName:string *
        className:string *
        options:CimOperationOptions -> CimAsyncResult<CimClass>
Public Function GetClassAsync (
    namespaceName As String,
    className As String,
    options As CimOperationOptions
) As CimAsyncResult(Of CimClass)


  • namespaceName
    Type: System.String

    A null-terminated string that contains the optional namespace name to carry out the operation. If none is specified, the server will pick a default. The namespace cannot include a computer name. It can only be in the form of a namespace name separated by a slash mark character (/). For example, the following would be a valid namespaceName value: root/cimv2.

  • className
    Type: System.String

    A null-terminated string that contains the class name of the class to retrieve.

Return Value

Type: Microsoft.Management.Infrastructure.Generic.CimAsyncResult<CimClass>

A CimAsyncResult<T> object that represents an asynchronous operation that returns a single result.

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