Verifying Capture Support for HDV in a Specific Version of Windows Vista

To determine whether your computer can capture high-definition video (HDV) from a camcorder by using the Capture Wizard on a specific version of Windows Vista, call the following software licensing function:

HRESULT WINAPI SLGetWindowsInformationDWORD( PCWSTR pwszValueName, DWORD* pdwValue );

When you call SLGetWindowsInformationDWORD with "CaptureWizard-HiDef" as the value of the pwszValueName parameter, you can determine whether HDV is supported by the Capture Wizard on your computer by reading the value pointed to by the out parameter, pdwValue.

For more information, see the reference for the SLGetWindowsInformationDWORD function on MSDN.

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