Migrating Windows CE OS Functionality (Windows CE 5.0)

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This topic provides links to information about migrating operating system functionality from previous versions of Microsoft® Windows® CE to Windows CE 5.0.

Applications and Services Development

.NET Compact Framework Migration

COM and DCOM Migration

Exchange Client Migration

LDAP Migration

MSMQ Migration

OBEX Migration

SOAP Migration

SAPI Migration

XML DOM Migration

XML Minimal Parser Migration

XML SAX Migration

XQL Migration

XSLT Migration

Applications - End User

ActiveSync Migration

RDP Migration

Windows Messenger Migration

Communication Services and Networking

Active Server Pages Migration

Bluetooth Migration

Dial-up Migration

EAP Migration

File Server Migration

FTP Server Migration

ICS Migration

IP Firewall Migration

IPSec Migration

Ipv6 Migration

L2TP/IPSec Migration

NDIS Packet Capturing Migration

Network Bridging Migration

Network Utilities Migration

Parental Controls Migration

Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet (PPPoE) Migration

PPTP Migration

Print Server Migration

RAS Server/PPTP Server (Incoming) Migration

Reference Gateway User Interface Migration

Remote Configuration Framework Migration

Services.exe Migration

SNTP Migration

TAPI Migration

TCP/IP Migration

Telnet Server Migration

UPnP Migration

Web Proxy Migration

Web Server Migration

Windows Connect Now Migration

Windows Networking API/Redirector Migration

Winsock Migration

Core OS Services

Core OS Migration

Device Management

Device Management Client Migration

SNMP Migration

File Systems and Data Store

File Systems and Data Store Migration


Fonts Migration

Graphics and Multimedia Technologies

Direct3D Mobile Migration

DirectDraw Migration

DirectShow Migration

DRM Migration

DVD-Video API Migration

Imaging Migration

Multiple Screens Migration

Waveform Audio Migration

Windows Media Player Control Migration

Windows Media Technologies Migration


Handwriting Recognizer Engine (HWX) Migration

Locale Specific Migration

Input Method Manager (IMM) Migration

International Migration

Multilingual User Interface (MUI) Migration

National Language Support (NLS) Migration

Spelling Checker (USA) Migration Issues

Uniscribe Migration

Internet Client Services

Internet Explorer 6 Migration

Internet Explorer Browser Control Host Migration

Internet Explorer MSHTML/DHTML API Migration

Internet Explorer Multiple-Language API Migration

Internet Explorer TV-Style Navigation Migration

JScript Migration

Pocket Internet Explorer Migration

URL Moniker Services Migration

VBScript Migration

WinInet Migration

XML Data Islands Migration


Authentication Services Migration

Certificates Migration

Credential Manager Migration

Cryptography Migration

Smart Card Migration

Shell and User Interface

Accessibility Migration

GWES Migration

Mouse Migration

Network User Interface Migration

Shell Migration

Software-based Input Panel Migration

Touch Screen (Stylus) Migration

Voice over IP Phone Services

PC Authentication Migration

Phone IME Migration

RTC Client API Migration

TUI Migration

VAIL Migration

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