PREfast Overview (Windows CE 5.0)

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PREfast uses your existing build structure and works by intercepting your native compiler. Intraprocedural analysis identifies defects in the C/C++ source files.

Users commonly run PREfast over a section of code, view results, make fixes, and then run PREfast again. It is recommended that you divide your build into small (10 MB or less) sections, and run PREfast on each section.

PREfast displays a log of the code defects encountered. Each line entry in the log shows a description of the type of defect, a PREfast warning number, the source location, and function where the defect occurred.

For example, the following defect message indicates that PREfast warning 501 occurred in function main, where PREfast found an HRESULT cast to a BOOL at line 21 of the source program test1.cpp.

Casting HRESULT to BOOL   501   c:\prefast\test\test1.cpp(21)   main

To display additional detail about a warning, double-click the warning in the log.

For more information about interacting with the defect log, see Defect Log User Interface.

For a complete list of PREfast warning messages, see PREfast Warning Message Reference.

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