Services.exe (Windows CE 5.0)

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Services.exe is a process that supplements the Device.exe process. If a device driver crashes when running in Device.exe, it may corrupt other, unrelated device drivers that are currently running, and crash the entire system. Running services in Services.exe decreases the likelihood of a system failure in the event of a service crash. Services.exe also provides enhanced loading capabilities such as support for starting, pausing, and stopping services.

In This Section

  • Services.exe OS Design Development
    Provides information about Services.exe that is helpful when designing and developing a Windows CE OS. This includes dependency information, the modules and components that implement Services.exe, and Services.exe implementation considerations.
  • Services.exe Application Development
    Provides an overview of the Services.exe implementation in Windows CE. Shows how to activate and register a service programmatically. Describes how to control and stop a running service, and how to configure Services.exe to load a standalone service. Shows how to use Services.exe from the command line. Describes how to register a super service programmatically and automatically.
  • Services.exe Registry Settings
    Provides a list of the configurable registry settings for Services.exe.
  • Services.exe Security
    Provides security-related information for Services.exe.
  • Services.exe Migration
    Provides information that is important to know if you are migrating from one version of Windows CE to another.
  • Services.exe Samples
    Provides sample-related information for Services.exe.
  • Services.exe Reference
    Provides reference pages for the Services.exe programming elements.
  • Servers
    Provides a list of the servers and services that are supported in Windows CE-based devices.

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