CeLog Zones (Windows CE 5.0)

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The following table shows the supported CeLog event logging zones.

Zone Value Description
CELZONE_ALWAYSON 0x40000000 Events that are always on and not associated with a zone. Events that cannot be disabled from the logging process, like CELID_SYNC_END.
CELZONE_BOOT_TIME 0x00010000 Events in the boot process, used to profile the device startup sequence.
CELZONE_CRITSECT 0x00000100 Events related to critical sections.
CELZONE_DEBUG 0x00800000 Events related to debugging messages.

This zone is supported for Windows Mobile only.

CELZONE_DEMANDPAGE 0x00000010 Events related to paging.
CELZONE_HEAP 0x00000800 Events related to heaps.
CELZONE_INTERRUPT 0x00000001 Events related to interrupts.
CELZONE_KCALL 0x00400000 Events related to KCALLs. Because KCALL generates many events, this must be explicitly set or no data is logged.
CELZONE_LOADER 0x00004000 Events related to the loader.
CELZONE_MEMTRACKING 0x00008000 Events related to memory tracking. Reserved for future use.
CELZONE_MIGRATE 0x00000004 Events related to migration of threads between processes.
CELZONE_MISC 0x80000000 Events not belonging to a particular category.
CELZONE_PRIORITYINV 0x00000080 Events related to priority inversion.
CELZONE_PROCESS 0x00000040 Events related to processes.
CELZONE_RESCHEDULE 0x00000002 Events related to the scheduler.
CELZONE_SYNCH 0x00000200 Events related to synchronization. These include event, mutex, and semaphore operations, as well as calls to WaitForMultipleObjects.
CELZONE_THREAD 0x00000020 Events related to threads, except for thread switches, which are in CELZONE_RESCHEDULE.
CELZONE_TLB 0x00000008 Events related to the translation look-aside buffer (TLB).
CELZONE_VIRTMEM 0x00001000 Events related to virtual memory.

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