Direct3D Mobile Application Initialization (Windows CE 5.0)

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All Microsoft® Direct3D® Mobile applications are written Windows applications. This means that their entry point is WinMain and they can use all of the standard Windows CE APIs to access storage, network connections, and other services. The thing that makes Direct3 Mobile application stand apart is that instead of using windows, USER, and graphics device interface (GDI) calls to display images on the screen, they make Direct3D Mobile calls.

To start Direct3D Mobile for you application call Direct3DMobileCreate. This function will verify that the correct Direct3D Mobile runtime libraries are present in the OS, that the calling application is the only Direct3D Mobile application running on the Windows CE-based device, create a Direct3D Mobile object for the application, and return a pointer to the IDirect3DMobile interface for the object. Your application will use this interface pointer for all global settings and capabilities relating to Direct3D Mobile overall.

Individual drawing commands are handled through calls to an IDirect3DMobileDevice interface representing a display driver. This is really the central interface for Direct3D Mobile and it is the one that your application will interact with the most. For more information, see Direct3D Mobile Devices.

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