DecoderInitFlag (Windows CE 5.0)

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This enumeration provides flags used to describe the properties of an image decoder.

enum DecoderInitFlag {  DecoderInitFlagNone       = 0,  DecoderInitFlagNoBlock    = 0x0001,  DecoderInitFlagBuiltIn1st = 0x0002};


  • DecoderInitFlagNone
    Indicates that the decoder should not be initialized.
  • DecoderInitFlagNoBlock
    Indicates that the caller requires nonblocking behavior. This is honored only by nonblocking decoders; that is, decoders that do not have the ImageCodecFlagsBlockingDecode flag. For more information, see ImageCodecFlags.
  • DecoderInitFlagBuiltIn1st
    Indicates that the decoders built in to Imaging.dll should be tried first before using other decoders.


OS Versions: Windows CE 5.0 and later.
Header: Imaging.h.

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