IImagingFactory::CreateNewBitmap (Windows CE 5.0)

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This method creates an in-memory bitmap image object.

HRESULT CreateNewBitmap(  UINT           width,  UINT           height,  PixelFormatID  pixelFormat,  IBitmapImage** bitmap);


  • width
    [in] A UINT value specifying the width of the bitmap in pixels.
  • height
    [in] A UINT value specifying the height of the bitmap in pixels.
  • pixelFormat
    [in] A PixelFormatID value identifying the numerical data format of the pixels in the new bitmap. The following table shows the PixelFormat Values this parameter supports.
    Value Description
    PixelFormat1bppIndexed 1 bit-per-pixel indexed color bitmap
    PixelFormat4bppIndexed 4bpp indexed color
    PixelFormat8bppIndexed 8bpp indexed color
    PixelFormat16bppGrayScale 16bpp grayscale
    PixelFormat16bppRGB555 16bpp RGB 5-5-5 (blue in low-order bits)
    PixelFormat16bppRGB565 16bpp RGB 5-6-5
    PixelFormat16bppARGB1555 16bpp ARGB 1-5-5-5
    PixelFormat24bppRGB 24bpp RGB (blue in low-order byte)
    PixelFormat32bppRGB 32bpp RGB (high order byte unused)
    PixelFormat32bppARGB 32bpp ARGB, non-premultiplied alpha
    PixelFormat32bppPARGB 32bpp ARGB, premultiplied alpha
    PixelFormat48bppRGB 48bpp RGB
    PixelFormat64bppARGB 64bpp ARGB, non-premultiplied alpha
    PixelFormat64bppPARGB 64bpp ARGB, premultiplied alpha
  • bitmap
    [out] A pointer to the resulting IBitmapImage interface pointer.

Return Values

If successful, this method returns S_OK.

This method may return E_POINTER if it fails.


OS Versions: Windows CE 5.0 and later.
Header: Imaging.h.
Link Library: Imaging.

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