IImagingFactory::UninstallImageCodec (Windows CE 5.0)

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This method is used to uninstall an imaging codec.

HRESULT UninstallImageCodec(  const WCHAR* codecName,  UINT         flags);


  • codecName
    [in] A WCHAR array containing the name of the imaging codec.

  • flags
    [in] A UINT value that identifies the part of the registry that the codec should be removed from.

    Set this parameter to one of the ImageCodecFlags enumeration values in the following table.

    Flag Description
    ImageCodecFlagsUser Removes codec information from the HKEY_CURRENT_USER branch of the registry.
    ImageCodecFlagsSystem Removes codec information from the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE branch of the registry.

Return Values

If successful, this method returns S_OK.

This method may return E_INVALIDARG if it fails.


For information on installing codecs see IImagingFactory::InstallImageCodec.


OS Versions: Windows CE 5.0 and later.
Header: Imaging.h.
Link Library: Imaging.

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