Running Target Analyzer

Use Target Analyzer to produce a comprehensive hardware inventory of your device. There are two versions of Target Analyzer, Tap.exe, and Ta.exe.

Use Tap.exe to provide the most comprehensive listing of hardware on your device. It is a protected Microsoft Win32-based application that runs on Microsoft Windows XP, Windows 2000 Service Pack 2, Windows PE, and Windows Vista.

Note Ta.exe, located in the same folder as Tap.exe, is a real-mode 16-bit version of Target Analyzer that can be run by using Microsoft MS-DOS. Only use Ta.exe when you cannot use Tap.exe, such as for 16-bit MS-DOS devices.

To run Target Analyzer

  1. Boot the device by using Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows 2000 Service Pack 2, or Windows Vista.

    **Note   **You can also boot by using Windows PE and running Tap.exe. For more information, see Detect Hardware Devices with Target Analyzer and Windows PE.

  2. Navigate to the folder that contains Tap.exe.

    The default location is \Program Files\Windows Embedded\utilities folder on your development system

  3. Run Tap.exe. from a command line.

    - or -

    Double-click the Tap.exe program icon.

    When Target Analyzer has completed the hardware inventory, Devices.pmq appears in the same folder as Tap.exe.

  4. Copy the Devices.pmq file to the development system. For example, use the xcopy command where <source> is the .pmq file and <destination> is the location of the development system:

    xcopy <source> <destination>

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