Automation Interfaces (Windows CE 5.0)

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The following table shows the Automation interfaces with a description of the purpose of each.

Programming element Description
ICreateErrorInfo This interface returns error information for applications that return rich error information.
ICreateTypeInfo This interface provides the tools for creating and administering the type information defined through the type description.
ICreateTypeInfo2 This interface derives from ICreateTypeInfo and adds methods for deleting items that have been added through ICreateTypeInfo.
ICreateTypeLib This interface provides the methods for creating and managing the component or file that contains type information.
ICreateTypeLib2 ICreateTypeLib2 inherits from ICreateTypeLib, and has four member functions.
IDispatch This interface exposes objects, methods, and properties to Automation programming tools and other applications.
IEnumVARIANT This interface provides a method for enumerating a collection of variants, including heterogeneous collections of objects and intrinsic types.
IErrorInfo This interface provides detailed contextual error information for applications that receive rich information.
ISupportErrorInfo This interface ensures that error information can be propagated up the call chain correctly.
ITypeComp This interface provides a fast way to access information that compilers need when binding to and instantiating structures and interfaces.
ITypeInfo This interface is typically used for reading information about objects.
ITypeInfo2 This interface allows ITypeInfo to cast to an ITypeInfo2 in performance-sensitive cases.
ITypeLib This interface provides methods for accessing a library of type descriptions.
ITypeLib2 This interface inherits from the ITypeLib interface.

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