Device Driver Development Concepts

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This section provides conceptual information about developing device drivers for Windows Embedded CE.

In This Section

  • Bus Drivers
    Explains bus drivers, how bus drivers name subordinate buses, bus driver registry keys, and power callbacks.
  • Bus Enumerator
    Discusses the bus enumerator, also referred to as BusEnum.dll, and how it works.
  • Device Interfaces
    Explains device interfaces, device interface notifications, and how to register for device interface notifications. It also provides information on the device interface functions and structures.
  • Direct Memory Access
    Discusses the support that Windows Embedded CE provides for direct memory access (DMA).
  • Interrupts
    Explains interrupts and how to set up interrupt service routines (ISRs).
  • ** USB Host Client Framework **
    Explains the USB host client framework and how to use it to simplify the process of creating USB host client drivers.
  • **

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