Thin Client Registry Settings

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The registry stores information that is required in order to configure features of a Windows Embedded CE powered thin client for applications and hardware devices. The registry also contains information that the operating system (OS) uses continually during operation.

For example, the registry settings in rdp.reg are used to configure the Windows Embedded CE Terminal Services Client. For more information about these settings, see Configuring the Terminal Services Client.

Registry Settings and Catalog Items

By default, the thin client design templates each include the required and recommended Catalog items. The default registry values vary depending on which Catalog items are included in your OS design.

You can change the Catalog items to customize the OS design. For more information, see Windows Thin Client Design Template and Enterprise Terminal Design Template.

For more information about default registry values, see Default Registry Settings.

Editing the Registry Settings

The following list shows you how to change the thin client registry settings:

  • The .reg files. Before you build the OS design and downloading the run-time image to a target reference platform or to a CEPC platform, modify the .reg files, such as Project.reg, rdp.reg, and wceshellfe.reg. For more information about Project.reg, see Modifying the Registry by Editing Project.reg. For more information about other .reg files, see the following section How to Update a .reg File later in this topic.
  • The Remote Registry Editor. After you download the run-time image to a target reference platform or to a CEPC platform, use the Remote Registry Editor. You can change the run-time image registry by using the Remote Registry Editor. However, the changes are not persisted to the registry files in Platform Builder. The next time that you download the run-time image, you must configure the registry again. For more information, see Registry Editor.

How to Update a .reg File

To update a .reg file for a specific feature

  1. In Platform Builder, on the File menu, select Open, and then select File.

  2. In Files of type, select All Files.

  3. Navigate to the folder in which the .reg file is located.

  4. Select the .reg file and click Open.

  5. In the .reg file, Type directly in the file to add or update a registry key.

  6. On the File menu, select Save <filename>.reg.


During the build process, makeimg.exe processes all .reg files in the build directories to create a single file, Reginit.ini. Reginit.ini forms the basis for the system registry.

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