Disk Defragmenter for NTFS

The Disk Defragmenter for NTFS component analyzes local volumes and consolidates fragmented files and folders so that each occupies a single, contiguous space on the volume. As a result, your system can access files and folders and save new ones more efficiently. By consolidating your files and folders, this component also consolidates a volume's free space, making it less likely that new files will be fragmented.


The Dfrgntfs.exe application defragments NTFS file system volumes.

Associated Components

No other components interact with this component.


The files dfrg.msc, dfrgres.dll, dfrgui.dll, dfrgsnap.dll, defrag.exe, dkconcepts.chm, defrag.chm, and defrag.hlp are required as they constitute the Defrag snap-in in the Microsoft Management Console. To execute defragment, you must launch the computer management console and select the Defrag snap-in under Storage.


This component requires Microsoft Management Console to execute defragment.

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