Driver Signing User Interface

The Driver Signing User Interface component allows you to set the system driver signing policy. The three driver signing policies are ignore, warn, and block. This component also allows an administrator to set the minimal driver signing policy for the machine. If the administrator sets the driver signing policy to warn, then a typical user can set it to warn or block, but not to the lower policy ignore. Driver signing policy affects the user interface (UI) that is displayed when a device driver is installed.

If it is set to ignore, then no UI is displayed. If it is set to warn, then the user is warned when an unsigned driver is being installed, and the user is given the option of continuing or canceling the installation. If the policy is set to block, then a blocking dialog box is displayed when an unsigned driver is being installed, and the only option is to cancel the installation.

To change the driver signing policy, you must use the Driver Signing User Interface component. You cannot directly change this policy in the registry.


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