Target System Requirements (Windows Embedded Standard 2009)


The minimum requirements for Windows Embedded Standard-based devices are the same as Windows XP Professional-based devices. When you assemble your hardware for your Windows Embedded Standard-based device, consider the following when specifying your hardware requirements:

  • Use hardware, devices and drivers supported by Windows XP Professional - they should work on Windows Embedded Standard.
  • Check the documentation for the device or driver, or the Microsoft Windows Hardware Quality Labs Web site for compatibility with Windows XP Professional.
  • Test your custom applications, devices, or drivers on a Windows XP Professional device to make sure they work there before componentizing them for Window Windows Embedded Standard.
  • Avoid using hardware that falls below the minimum requirements for Windows XP Professional. You may be able to get the hardware to work, but the components or configuration will not be supported by Microsoft.
  • You may have difficulty configuring your operating system if it contains critical devices that are not enumerable and configurable through Plug and Play.

The following table shows the minimum target system requirements to support Windows Embedded Standard and basic Plug and Play functionality.

Component Requirement

PCI devices

PCI version 2.0 or higher.


Support ACPI 1.0 (preferred) or Plug and Play BIOS version 1.0b. If ACPI is supported, Plug and Play BIOS support is optional.

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