Choose Your Windows PE Options (Windows Embedded Standard 2009)


Windows PE can be obtained from the Windows Automated Installation Kit (WAIK) or the OEM Pre-installation Kit (OPK).Oscdimg.exe creates the .iso file, and creates the CD boot sector. If you use other software to create the .iso image, the CD will not boot. Once you have created the .iso file you can burn the CD with any software that burns an ISO-9660 compliant image.

You may create your own customized version of Windows PE with a separately licensed Windows PE toolkit, or with the Windows PE tools included in the OPK.

To create a customizable version, follow the instructions in the Windows PE Help provided with the Windows PE toolkit and the OPK.

You can obtain the Windows PE toolkit from your Microsoft Windows Embedded distributor. For more information, see Microsoft Web site.

In either form, there are specific licensing restrictions governing the use of and redistribution of Windows PE. For more information, see the appropriate license that accompanies your version.

The following table shows how you may incorporate Windows PE with your Windows Embedded Standard distribution.

Distribution method Description

Recovery CD

Includes Windows PE and SDI as the recovery image. Typically ships with the device to be used in the field on the physical device to reinstall the factory image.

Field upgrade CD

Includes Windows PE and SDI as an image that can be used to upgrade an embedded device that has been running Windows NT Embedded, or a non-Microsoft operating system.

Requires a signed 2004 version of the Field Upgrade Additional Rights Agreement (indirect) or Version 2 Field Upgrade Schedule (direct).

You can ship this CD separate from the device, so that it can be deployed in the field.

Deployment CD or RIS server

Includes Windows PE and SDI for in-factory deployment. You can use these together to deploy your initial installation to an embedded device by using a deployment disc, or by using a RIS server. For more information, see Deploy an SDI Image from a Network.

You can ship this CD separate from the device, so that it can be deployed in the field.

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