How to Create a Device Recovery CD by Using Windows PE and SDI (Windows Embedded Standard 2009)


To create a recovery CD, you can package Microsoft® Windows® Preinstallation Environment (Windows PE), a System Deployment Image (SDI) file, and SDI tools. With this recovery CD, you can use Windows PE to boot the device, and then restore the image on your device by installing an image from an SDI file. Once the recovery image is installed, you can reboot the device from the recovery image. This recovery process does not repair individual files; rather, it installs the complete image as it was on the device when it left the factory. All existing files, data, and settings on the device, as well as any changes made since it left the factory, are replaced by the image.

With a few modifications to this process, you can use Windows PE and SDI to deploy Windows Embedded Standard to a device or upgrade an existing device in the field. The recovery CD is not a method for deploying or upgrading individual components, settings, or QFEs.

Step Topic

1. Review the tools and programs you will need to create a recovery CD.

Recovery CD Requirements

2. Build and deploy your Windows Embedded Standard image to a test device.

Developer Reference

3. Boot and test until you are satisfied with the master image.

Boot and Test the Master Image

4. Create an SDI file on your development computer, and initialize the SDI file as a disk drive.

Create an SDI File on Your Development Computer

5. Windows PE can be obtained from the Windows Automated Installation Kit (WAIK) or the OEM Pre-installation Kit (OPK).

Choose Your Windows PE Options

6. Copy the SDI file, Windows PE, and SDIMGR.WSF to a working folder.

Assemble Recovery Disc Components

7. Create a bootable recovery CD.

Create a Bootable Recovery CD

8. Test the recovery CD. Boot the device with the recovery CD, and install the image.

Test the Recovery CD

9. Once you have a CD that works flawlessly, you can duplicate it and distribute it with installation instructions.

Duplicate and Distribute Recovery CD

10. (Optional) You can deploy your Windows Embedded Standard image through a network.

Deploy an SDI Image from a Network

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