File Conversion with EConvert (Windows Embedded Standard 2009)


EConvert is a tool that converts text files of known formats, such as .inf and .pmq, into component definition (.sld) files. It can be used as a command line tool, or as part of the file import process in Component Designer.

In This Section

  • EConvert Overview
    Describes the EConvert tool, how it works, and how to customize the conversion process.
  • EConvert Commands
    Describes the syntax to use when you run EConvert from a command prompt.
  • EConvert Messages
    Describes the error and warning messages that can be generated during the EConvert conversion process.
  • Author Components and Customize Shells
    Describes the componentization phase of the development process. During this phase you create components for your applications and device drivers, create custom shells, and customize existing shells.