MSN Direct Services

Windows CE 5.0 Not SupportedWindows Embedded NavReady 2009 Supported


MSN Direct is a unique information service that uses the Microsoft DirectBand wireless datacasting network to deliver information to navigation devices. MSN Direct data is delivered through FM radio towers and is available in over 125 major regions across the United States and Canada.

The MSN Direct API can be used by developers to programmatically obtain and process MSN Direct data. MSN Direct data includes traffic data, weather, movie times, gas stations, local events, news, stocks, group messages, emergency alerts, and more.

When you also obtain the Receiver Development Kit (RDK), you can test the MSN Direct receiver without requiring specialized hardware. The purpose of testing the receiver is to evaluate the Microsoft DirectBand radio-communication protocols and also to assist with detailed design and development work for a Windows Embedded NavReady powered device.

For more information about the RDK, MSN Direct hardware, or how to obtain a subscription to MSN Direct, see this Microsoft Web site or contact the MSN Direct Business Team at

In This Section

  • MSN Direct Services OS Design Development
    Provides an overview of MSN Direct and describes the tools and components that you need to develop an operating system (OS) design that supports MSN Direct services.
  • MSN Direct Services Architecture
    Describes the MSN Direct services architecture. This includes the primary architectural layers, how they interact with each other, and the different models for exchanging messages between the host device and the MSN Direct receiver.
  • MSN Direct Services How-to Topics
    Provides detailed guidelines on how to complete development tasks for MSN Direct services, including using the development tools and integrating MSN Direct into a device.
  • MSN Direct Services Security
    Describes security considerations for developing an MSN Direct application that promotes security by providing robust input handling to help prevent malicious data input.

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