Live Search UI Guidelines

Windows CE 5.0 Not SupportedWindows Embedded NavReady 2009 Supported


This section provides visual guidelines and recommendations to implement the Live Search brand into a Live Search application user interface (UI), and how to design a UI for Live Search functionality. These guidelines help you create a unified brand experience on a Windows Embedded NavReady powered device.

The LS4D functionality connects the search experience found at Windows Live at this Microsoft Web site together with the navigation experience provided by GPS systems. A customer can search for phone-book listings, and their portable navigation device (PND) can complete the experience by making these destinations discoverable with turn-by-turn directions.

In This Section

  • Map Integration Guidelines
    Provides UI guidelines for integrating a Point of Interest (POI) returned from the Live Search Engine with a map.
  • Messaging Guidelines
    Provides messaging guidelines for creating online and print marketing collateral for a Live Search application.


  • LS4D Reference
    Describes the programming elements that are provided in the LS4D API.

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