Bluetooth Device Address

Windows CE 5.0 Not SupportedWindows Embedded NavReady 2009 Supported


The Bluetooth device address stores the network address of a Bluetooth–enabled device. It is used to identify a particular device during operations such as connecting to, pairing with, or activating the device.

A Bluetooth–enabled device address is a unique, 48–bit address containing the following three fields:

  • LAP field: lower part of the address containing 24 bits.
  • UAP field: upper part of the address containing 8 bits.
  • NAP field: non–significant part of the address containing 16 bits.

The LAP and the UAP represent the significant address part (SAP) of the Bluetooth device address.


The Bluetooth device address is represented as BT_ADDR, defined in ws2bth.h:

typedef ULONGLONG bt_addr, *pbt_addr, BT_ADDR, *PBT_ADDR;

You can use the following macros defined in ws2bth.h to translate between BT_ADDR and NAP or SAP:

#define GET_NAP(_bt_addr)
#define GET_SAP(_bt_addr)

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