USB Filter WMI provider reference (Industry 8.1)


Review the USB Filter WMI provider classes for Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry (Industry 8.1).

This section describes the WMI provider classes that you can use to configure USB Filter at run time.

In this section

  • USBF_Filter
    Enables or disables USB Filter and resets permissions.
  • USBF_PortInfo
    Retrieves current information about the USB ports on a device.
  • USBF_PermissionEntry
    Contains current information about the USB Filter permission entry list on a device.


We recommend setting the authentication level to PacketIntegrity or PacketPrivacy for remote clients when you connect to WMI providers under root\standardcimv2\embedded when using WMI scripts or applications. For more information about how to use authentication with WMI providers, see WMI Enhancements in Windows PowerShell 2.0 CTP on TechNet.

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