Enabling the Debug Serial Port (Windows Embedded CE 6.0)


The kernel calls OEMInitDebugSerial after it performs basic initialization operations but before calling OEMInit.

When OEMInitDebugSerial returns, the kernel calls OEMWriteDebugString and displays a logon message to your terminal program through the serial port.

If the debug serial port is initialized correctly, you will see terminal output program similar to the following code example.

Windows Embedded CE Kernel for MIPS Built on Mar 27 2001 at 17:58:35

In addition to these two functions, the following functions add support for the full range of functionality required by the kernel:

These functionalities are all based in the OAL and communicate directly with your SDBs serial port.

The kernel and other services that are up and running use serial debug port before KITL is initialized and the debugger is engaged.

The serial port should be set to the following settings to ensure that all SDBs have a consistent approach.

Setting Value

Baud rate


Character size

8 bit

Number of stop bits


Parity bit


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