Creating a Test .bin File for Download (Windows Embedded CE 6.0)


For testing purposes, you need to download the boot loader itself before you build a run-time image.

Prior to this procedure, you must create a boot loader .bib file, which produces Eboot.nb0. Eboot.nb0 is a raw memory boot loader image suitable for writing directly to flash memory through JTAG.

The .bib file also produces Eboot.bin, which is a record-based boot loader image suitable for download from Platform Builder over Ethernet. For more information about creating the Boot Loader .bib file, see Creating the Boot Loader .bib File.


Creating a test .bin file for download overwrites the currently executing RAM boot loader image. The results are unpredictable if the download boot loader image does not match the running boot loader image. To prevent the currently executing RAM boot loader image from being overwritten, build a test copy of Eboot.bin that resides at a different location in RAM.

To create a test .bin file for download

  1. Create a backup file of your Eboot.bib file.

  2. In the test file, change all memory locations to prevent conflicts with the boot loader currently stored on the device.

  3. At the command prompt, enter the following command to build the new boot loader.

    build -c

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