OAL StartUp Function Implementation (Windows Embedded CE 6.0)


The source file Startup.s, located in %_WINCEROOT%\Platform\<Hardware Platform Name>\Src\Kernel\OAL, specifies the startup function of the kernel with the assignment LEAF_ENTRY StartUp.

The StartUp function specified is executed either by a jump from the boot loader or through the CPU reset vector.

The StartUp function has the following two purposes:

  • It initializes the CPU to a known state.
    For more information about initializing the CPU, see CPU Initialization.
  • It calls the kernel initialization function, which takes no parameters.
    For more information about initializing the kernel, see Kernel Initialization.

For sample implementations of the StartUp and OAL initialization functions, see %_WINCEROOT%\Platform\<Hardware Platform Name>\Src\Kernel\OAL.

For information about the implementation details for the StartUp** function during the boot loader development process, see Implementing the Boot Loader StartUp Function.**

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