Build Demo Tool (Windows Embedded CE 6.0)


The Build Demo Tool (BldDemo.bat) is used to build and create a run-time image. It calls the three tools shown in the following table.

Tool Function

Master Build Tool (Cebuild.bat)

Builds modules and source code for a run-time image.

Build Release Directory tool (Buildrel.bat)

Copies the files for a run-time image to a release directory.

Make Binary Image tool (Makeimg.exe)

Generates a run-time image.

The Build Demo tool uses the following syntax.

Blddemo [clean | noclean] [rel | norel] [Cebuild.bat parameters]


  • clean
    Must be specified before the Cebuild.bat parameters.

    This parameter cleans the Cesysgen directories for your OS design, which are %_PROJECTROOT%\Cesysgen and %_PLATFORMROOT%\Cesysgen.

    Use this option when you change settings in your Cesysgen.bat file located in %_WINCEROOT%\Public\CEBASE\OAK\Misc.

    Also use this option if you change environment variables that control the behavior of Cesysgen.bat, such as the environment variables prefixed with SYSGEN or BSP.

    For information on Cebuild.bat, see Master Build Tool.

  • noclean
    Used to override the BLDDEMO_CLEAN environment variable.
  • cleanplat
    Must be specified before the Cebuild.bat parameters.

    This parameter is similar to the clean parameter. When you use cleanplat, Blddemo cleans the %_WINCEROOT%\Platform directory for your OS design.

  • nocleanplat
    Used to override the BLDDEMO_CLEANPLAT environment variable.
  • rel
    Used to override the BLDDEMO_NOREL environment variable.
  • norel
    Must be specified before the Cebuild.bat parameters. This stops the process before copying the generated build files to the flat release directory and running Makeimg.exe. This is useful when you are performing multiple builds for different microprocessors in an automated process.
  • -qbsp
    Cebuild.bat parameter.

    Used to specify that Cebuild.bat does not sysgen sources in the \Public tree, and builds only sources in the \Platform tree and any associated subprojects in the OS design.

    Use this parameter in the build process if a sysgen pass on dependency trees in \Public has already been accomplished, sysgen variables have not changed, and you want to perform a build of both \Platform\Common and \Platform\%_TGTPLAT% where %_TGTPLAT% is the currently selected BSP.

  • -q
    CeBuild.bat parameter.

    Passed on to Cebuild.bat, which builds the tree. When used, Cebuild.bat calls the Sysgen tool, and does not build the Public tree. After the Sysgen phase, the \Platform tree and associated subprojects in the OS design are built.

    Do not specify if you have changed sources in the Public tree since the last build. For more information, see Master Build Tool.

  • Additional Cebuild.bat parameters
    Any parameter specified here is passed on to Cebuild.bat, which builds the tree.

Error Messages

Blddemo.bat generates error information in the %_WINCEROOT%\Build.log.


The following code example quickly builds a run-time image after assuming that no Sysgen environment variables have changed.

blddemo –q

The following code example builds the run-time image after cleaning the Cesysgen directories. It builds the \Public tree, and is only recommended if you have modified source code that is located in the \Public tree.

blddemo clean

The following code example cleans the Cesysgen directories, and quickly builds a run-time image after assuming that no Sysgen environment variables have changed.

blddemo clean -q

The following code example demonstrates how to continue a clean build if the build broke in \Platform\Common due to a compile error that you have now fixed. To continue the build by skipping the sysgen phase, use the following syntax, which also passes the Cebuild.bat parameter -c, instructing Cebuild.bat to begin a rebuild.

blddemo -qbsp -c


If you use the Build Demo tool to build a run-time image from the command-line, you can use the tool to create the following two files in your release directory that contain information about the functionality that the run-time image contains.

  • One file is named Makeimg.out, which contains the output generated by the Makeimage tool.
  • One file is named SysgenSettings.out, which contains all Sysgen settings after Platform Builder has performed a dependency check on your OS design.

For more information, see info about how to view the contents of a run-time image.

For information about the build process, see Build System.

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