Implementing the OEMIoControl Function (Windows Embedded CE 6.0)


Windows Embedded CEā€“based functions, such as SystemParametersInfo and KernelIoControl, supply information about the hardware platform to applications. The Windows Embedded CE kernel obtains some of the hardware platform-specific information by calling your implementation of the OAL function OEMIoControl.

To better understand what IOCTLs to implement and to learn more about the implementation details for OEMIoControl, refer to a sample BSP that is based on hardware similar to your own.

OEMIoControl can expose any number of IOCTLs. You can also define your own custom IOCTL, and some drivers expect specific IOCTLs to be implemented.

The IOCTLs supported by the OEMIocontrol function are highly hardware platform-dependent and functionality-dependent.

The following list shows some of the common IOCTLs you may choose to support:

The following topics contain information about how you can implement OEMIoControl in your OAL to support various capabilities:

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