How to Configure and Download a Run-Time Image to a CEPC (Windows Embedded CE 6.0)


To configure a Windows Embedded CE PC-based platform (CEPC) to download a run-time image, you must create a boot floppy disk for the CEPC and establish software connections between Platform Builder on the development workstation and the CEPC. You can then download, debug, and view run-time images on the CEPC.

Hardware and Software Assumptions


Step Topic

1. Configure the BIOS on the CEPC to prevent device interrupt conflicts and violation of any resource setting requirements of the ISA bus.

Configuring the BIOS on the CEPC

2. Create a boot floppy disk for the CEPC, also known as an x86 standard development board (SDB).

Creating a Boot Floppy Disk for an x86 SDB

3. Verify that the CEPC boot floppy disk contains the minimal set of required files.

x86 SDB Boot Floppy Disk Contents

4. If necessary, edit the Autoexec.bat file settings on the CEPC boot floppy disk to support the Ethernet card.

Editing the Autoexec.bat File for an x86 SDB

5. Insert the CEPC boot floppy disk into the CEPC floppy disk drive.

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6. Choose a download service appropriate for the connection hardware. The download service will download a run-time image to the CEPC.

Download Service Selection

7. Set up and configure the connection hardware required for the download service. That hardware connects the CEPC to the development workstation, on which Platform Builder is installed. Examples of connection hardware include cables, a hub, or Ethernet network adapters.

Hardware Configuration

CEPC-based SDB Motherboard and Card Configuration

8. If you selected Serial Download Service in step 6, configure the HyperTerminal terminal emulation application to display the serial debug output from the serial port on the CEPC.

This requires a null-modem cable connected to the serial port, such as COM1.

Configuring HyperTerminal for BSPs

9. Turn on the CEPC so that it becomes active on the Ethernet network or over the serial connection, and Platform Builder can discover it.

Not applicable

10. Configure the connection to the CEPC.

Choose the appropriate topic based on whether the development workstation and the target device are connected by an Ethernet network or a serial port connection.

Configuring an Ethernet Remote Connection

Configuring a Serial Remote Connection

11. Choose a display mode for the CEPC based on the type of video card installed in the CEPC.

Choosing LoadCEPC.exe Parameters

12. Download the run-time image to the CEPC through the configured connection.

Downloading a Run-Time Image to a CEPC

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