Environment Variables (Windows Embedded CE 6.0)


An environment variable contains information such as a drive, path, or configuration string. You can modify these environment variable settings during the development process.

**These are separate from Sysgen variables, which control the functionality included in your OS design. For more information about Sysgen variables, see Sysgen Variables.

When you create an OS design with Platform Builder, the integrated development environment (IDE) sets specific environment variables based on the settings you choose for your design and run-time image. **

You can set or clear environment variables from:

  • A command prompt build window
  • A batch file **
  • The IDE

For information about setting or clearing an environment variable, see Setting or Clearing an Environment Variable (Visual Studio).**

The Romimage Tool (Romimage.exe) uses a binary image builder (.bib) file to determine which modules and files to combine when forming the run-time image, and where to place the modules in memory. For more information, see Romimage.

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