Sysgen Variables (Windows Embedded CE 6.0)


A Sysgen variable works with the build system to control the functionality included in your OS design. These are used in the OS design configuration files. These are separate from environment variables, which contain information about an aspect of your OS design, such as a drive, path, or configuration string.

For more information about environment variables, see Environment Variables.

For information about the Sysgen variables added and removed in Windows Embedded CE, see New Sysgen Variables and Removed Sysgen Variables.

The following list contains links to all the Sysgen variables in Windows Embedded CE.

Sysgen Variables Listed By Technology

Applications and Services Development Catalog Items

Core OS Services Catalog Items

Device Management Catalog Items

Driver Catalog Items

File Systems and Storage Management Catalog Items

Fonts Catalog Items

Encoded Media Catalog Items

International Catalog Items

Internet Client Services Catalog Items

Security Catalog Items

Shell and User Interface Catalog Items

Voice over IP Phone Services Catalog Items

Error Reporting Catalog Items

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