Readlog Viewing Tool (Windows Embedded CE 6.0)


Readlog is a CeLog companion tool that prints a textual representation of the data in a CeLog log file (.clg). Readlog is much more useful for focusing on a small portion of the log file, and for post-processing the log file to get statistical summaries of all or part of the log. Readlog is also capable of displaying some events that Kernel Tracker does not, such as boot events and debug messages. It is also extensible; you can write a plug-in DLL that Readlog will use to interpret your custom data.

The Readlog tool also has utility options that you can use to process log files. The options can make log files easier to manage, and easier to view in Remote Kernel Tracker. For example, Readlog can make a copy of a small part of the log for purposes such as sharing via email. In addition, Readlog can insert names for threads. Readlog can use a plug-in DLL to produce a log that includes custom data in a format that Remote Kernel Tracker can display.

In general, it is useful to use Celog and Kernel Tracker first, to get a clear overview of system activity. Remote Kernel Tracker provides you with an overall view of system activity. Then, if you need further details, or if you need to calculate data such as thread run-times, you can find details you want using Readlog.

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