Accessing Device Emulator Documentation (Windows Embedded CE 6.0)


The Device Emulator can serve as a substitute for a physical device during much of the development cycle of a smart device project.

The documentation for the Device Emulator is attached to the emulator itself, rather than part of the documentation of the development environment. In this way, the Device Emulator can be used from a variety of development environments, such as Visual Studio 2005, Visual Studio .NET 2003, and so on.

To access Device Emulator documentation

  1. Build and download a run-time image for the Device Emulator.

  2. From the Device Emulator window, choose Help, then Contents.

    The Device Emulator help file opens. You can browse the topics, or search for a particular topic.

Before you can access the documentation associated with the Device Emulator, you must first build a run-time image for the emulator and download the image to the emulator.

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