EDB Functions (Windows Embedded CE 6.0)


The following table shows the EDB database functions along with a description of the purpose of each.

Function Description

CeAddDatabaseProps (EDB)

Adds properties to an existing database.

CeBeginTransaction (EDB)

Begins a transaction.

CeChangeDatabaseLCID (EDB)

Changes the locale identifier (LCID) of a database volume for sort operations.

CeCreateDatabaseEx2 (EDB)

Creates a new database in a mounted volume. EDB applications call CeCreateDatabaseWithProps (EDB) when creating an EDB database.

CeCreateDatabaseWithProps (EDB)

Dreates a new database in a mounted volume.

CeCreateSession (EDB)

Creates a session. A session is used to begin, commit, or roll back transactions.

CeDeleteDatabaseEx (EDB)

Deletes a database that was mounted by using the CeMountDBVolEx (EDB) function.

CeDeleteRecord (EDB)

Deletes a record from a database.

CeEndTransaction (EDB)

Ends a transaction.

CeEnumDBVolumes (EDB)

Enumerates the file names and GUIDs of all mounted volumes.

CeFindFirstDatabaseEx (EDB)

Creates a handle used with the CeFindNextDatabaseEx (EDB) function to enumerate databases in a volume, or all databases across all mounted volumes.

CeFindNextDatabaseEx (EDB)

Obtains the OID of the next database that matches the enumeration criteria set with the CeFindFirstDatabaseEx (EDB) function.

CeFlushDBVol (EDB)

Forcibly flushes all pending changes that have been made to a volume.

CeFreeNotification (EDB)

Frees a CENOTIFICATION pointer that was posted to a client's notification window.

CeGetDatabaseProps (EDB)

Obtains information about some or all of the properties from a database.

CeGetDatabaseSession (EDB)

Obtains the session of an already opened database.

CeGetDBInformationByHandle (EDB)

Obtains information about an open database by using the handle of the database.

CeMountDBVol (EDB)

Mounts a volume. This function is obsolete. Use CeMountDBVolEx (EDB) instead.

CeMountDBVolEx (EDB)

Mounts a database volume.

CeOidGetInfoEx2 (EDB)

Obtains information about an OID that was generated by EDB.

CeOpenDatabaseInSession (EDB)

Opens an existing database in a mounted volume

CeOpenStream (EDB)

Opens a stream object.

CeReadRecordProps (EDB)

Reads properties from the current record. This function is obsolete. Use CeReadRecordPropsEx (EDB) instead.

CeReadRecordPropsEx (EDB)

Reads a set of properties from the current record.

CeRemoveDatabaseProps (EDB)

Removes properties from a database.

CeSeekDatabase (EDB)

Seeks the specified record in an open database. This function is obsolete. Use CeSeekDatabaseEx (EDB) instead.

CeSeekDatabaseEx (EDB)

Seeks to a specified record in an open database.

CeSetDatabaseInfoEx (EDB)

Sets database parameters, including the name, sort orders, and type.

CeSetSessionOption (EDB)

Sets a per-session option.

CeStreamRead (EDB)

Reads data from a stream.

CeStreamSaveChanges (EDB)

Commits changes made to a stream using the CeStreamWrite (EDB) function.

CeStreamSeek (EDB)

Changes the current seek position of an open stream.

CeStreamSetSize (EDB)

Sets the size of data in a stream.

CeStreamWrite (EDB)

Writes data to a stream.

CeUnmountDBVol (EDB)

Unmounts a volume that was previously mounted with the CeMountDbVolEx function.

CeWriteRecordProps (EDB)

Inserts a new record or updates the properties of an existing record.

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